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A012. - M12 FEMALE 0° PUR 5x0.34 - GREY / A-CODE 2.0 M

Ürün Kodu : A012.
17,26 AZN
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M12-A Female Cable 0° Connector, Contacts: 5, Unshielded, Moulded on Cable, PUR, Flame Retardant Grey, 5 x 0,34 mm², 2.0 m

Developed for automation technologies, sensors and actuators usage. Shows high resistance to industrial oils and chemicals with its structure. Suitable for dynamic applications and mobile environments. Provides IP65, IP66K and IP67 sealing.

Order Number A012.
Connector Design M12 A Code 0°
Contact Number 5
Cable Lenght 2.0 m
Connector Locking Type Screw, 0.6 Nm Self-locking
Contact Type Crimped
Degree of Production IP 65, IP66K, IP67, Inserted and Tightened (EN 60529)
Cross-sectional Area 5x0,34 mm2
Operating Temperature -40 0C / +80 0C
Mechanical Operation > 100 Mating Cycle
Standart DIN EN 61076-2-101 (M12)
Custom Tariff Number 85444290
Garanti Bilgisi
12 Ay Zəmanət
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